When you wash your car at home, the water runoff — along with all the chemicals — can go to storm drains that empty directly into rivers and streams. Besides just using 40 gallons of water per wash (less than a home washing machine), we route water to treatment prior to its return to the environment. 

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IQ Touch Free and IQ Soft-Touch are revolutionizing the car wash industry and Main Street USA Car Wash is the first to bring these machines to Northern Illinois. Features include Bio-Degradable Chemicals, Undercarriage Wash, Bug Off Applicator, Wheel Blasters and an LED Foaming Wax Curtain

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A full remodel of the facility has recently been completed which introduces brand new 3-D profiling car washing equipment to map each vehicle’s unique size and shape to provide a customized wash to every car and truck ranging from Duallys and Large SUVs to Mini-Coopers and Smart Cars.

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Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.

Ingenious technology, remarkable wash quality and ecological friendliness have arrived to car washing in Lake County thanks to Main Street USA Car Wash located on Rt. 83 just south of Rt. 173 in Antioch, IL.


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